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Matteo Astone is a scientist, a clown, a lover of the social circus and volunteer work. He loves it when all of this is put to play and used to educate whether in hospitals, in sheltered homes, in street slums, with children in all parts of the world. Children have taught him to wonder at the little things in life and dream large. He believes in the special power of children’s stories to help us look at the world with new eyes, to talk about important things in a simple way and to touch the hearts of the young and not so young.
Matteo was born in Padua, Italy, in 1987. He currently works in a cancer research center in Austin, Minnesota. Over the years, he has been a volunteer worker in his hometown and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, and the Philippines, taking his red nose and love for children wherever he travels.

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