Second #character appointment: she is the little gypsy, the protagonist of The little girl behind the mirror.

Two carefree pigtails, a few bits of straw sticking out of her brown hair, two colored ribbons, one blue and one yellow, tangled in two funny bows. A dress the color of the earth, with many flowers, that perhaps was once an orange as bright as the sun, two sandals, white like the color of the rocks on the road.

This is how I remember her and this is how she appeared one late afternoon at the side of the stone elephant. […]

Then there was a milky-coffee mark on the mound of her cheek that lent her a playful expression. She hated that mark on her cheek, but I think it made her even more beautiful.

This is how the vagabond, just arrived at the Village of the Mirror, describes her when he sees her for the first time. A nameless child who would talk to the spring, changing her destiny and that of the village.

A little gypsy – as the villagers scornfully call her – simple and sincere, spontaneous and profound. This is what allows her to go beyond what others see, to investigate the mysterious messages of the spring, to go straight to the heart of the people, seeing their truest beauty.

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