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In a past post I shared the 10 reasons why Isaac Singer (Nobel Prize in literature in 1978) wrote for children.

Now it’s time for mine.

I also have 10.

And this is really why I write for children:

  1. A good children story has the power to talk about great things with simple words;
  2. The simple voice of a children story can more easily touch the heart of adults too;
  3. Children live in a fantastic world where everything is possible and they really enter into the stories they read;
  4. When a book is presented to the children their attention must be won; they don’t stay quiet listening to you just because it’s good manners, if they don’t give a hoot about the story;
  5. Children love to read your stories with you, to discuss about the characters, the mysteries and the adventures; adults would never do that;
  6. Children are much more fun and cute than adults;
  7. A children’s book can educate the children, without being a teacher;
  8. Children’s stories can go inside things adults don’t care anymore;
  9. Children like me more than what adults do (yeah, adults have still a lot to learn!);
  10. You might not agree, but I am still a child and I will be forever.

Well, what do you think?

If you write for children too, or even if you just read, add your reasons commenting this post.

This will help me to have more good reasons to keep writing… or maybe to stop!

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