For the first #character appointment we are with him. He who will tell us the story of  The little girl behind the mirror.

No words better than his can introduce this character:

I am a wanderer. I never stop for long in one place and so I have seen hundreds of different ones. However, this corner of the world has stayed in my heart more than any other and so I want to tell you its tale. I will tell you every little thing that I can remember. I will tell you about the people I met. I will tell you about the way my heart leapt, the tears in my eyes and the smiles that crossed my lips. I will tell you what others told me. I will tell you what I felt deeply.

I will tell the story so that I don’t forget and so that my feelings live on inside me and inside you.

Who better than him can tell us about the Village of the Mirror and the extraordinary story that began when a nameless gypsy arrived in town?

Who better than someone whose life is a journey, but who in this village decided to stop, fascinated and enchanted by its mystery and its magic?

FB - #crc Vagabond

Start reading the story for free here!

Start reading... it's free!

Or get the book on Amazon (paperback and ebook)!

Paperback and ebook on Amazon


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